Thursday, June 7, 2012

eBay Purchase + Update

I live in Montreal and there aren't a lot of places a cross stitcher can go to get materials. A few places carry DMC threads, but there are exactly two places you can go to to get materials and they don't really have an interesting selection of patterns. So I buy a lot of my stash on eBay and every once in a while you find some nice discoveries.

A week ago I saw two listings from a cross stitcher selling fabric from her stash. She was decreasing her stash to buy lower count fabrics because of her eye sight. Don't you love when fellow stitchers share?

They came in yesterday. A total of 21 fabrics of 28ct in different sizes and colors. Some of them are really nice and big and I can see myself using them for a Mirabilia project.

As a gift, she also threw in this piece. Isn't it gorgeous? Apparently she used to hand-dye fabric and sell it on eBay. If she has more of these I will definitely buy more lol.

Here's the first Lucky Bag after about 10 hours. I've already started to think about how I want to finish it. Not sure if I want to frame it. I've actually been thinking about turning it into a real bag and fill it with potpourrit for scent.

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