Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Karahana - Nearing it's end

 Over the weekend, I continued stitching Karahana. I spent all day Saturday on the turnovers.

On Sunday, I considered continuing the turnovers but decided I've suffered enough for one weekend. Instead I worked on the leaves.

These went by super fast, as I really enjoy the woven effect stitch. The final touch is a couched outline. I still need to plunge the ends, but I want to do it after the stem is in to get it just right. 

Here's what's left on my to do list:
  • trefoil stems, I'm still trying to decide if I will do them in #1 gold or #1 twist
  • outline the bottom leaf
  • stitch and outline the other two leaves
  • outline the stem
  • stitch the petals - add spacing and couch round and round
  • stitch the turnovers - add spacing, pad, couch to and fro
  • remove spacing and clean up

As I'm so close to a finish, I'll be taking it for a visit to the framer on Saturday. It's always best to do this while the piece is stretched out. While I'm there, I will have them cut the mat board to the correct size and take it home. That way as soon as the stitching is done, and I go through the finishing process, I can stretch it on the mat board. I'm quite optimistic that my frame will be free in time to put the next piece on for class.

Thursday, June 3, 2021


I though my TUSAL jar was going to be very empty last month as not much stitching was happening. But thanks to the long weekend it's not that bad.

Karahana is moving along. The padding is all done for the petal turnovers. No idea how, but I was able to get it all done in one sitting. I have the sore fingers to show for it. It's time to get cracking and get it done so I can free up that frame. Just to make sure I don't forget, our kits for the June class arrived. 

I do have a backup plan. Our woodworker was able to ship me a brand new Japanese frame and I received it at the same time as the kits. I actually got two: a standard 29" and a 39" for future, bigger, projects. I really love his frames and I wanted to make sure I had a collection before he retired.