Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Groot

Last week a friend from work asked me to make something for him and sent me a link. What he wanted was a baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. The one he saw was by Twinkiechan and she had put up the pattern on her website. A few years ago, I was doing quite a few Amigurumis and had collected a lot of stash for making it.

Can you believe this only cost me $7 to make lol. I already had the eyes, green yarn, wires and poly-fill. The only thing I didn't have was a nice brown that looked like bark and obviously the pot and what's in it.

I gave it to my friend today and he was very delighted to see it and so soon.

My sister took the pictures for my (I'm hopeless with pictures). I was trying to take pictures of every step of the process and I was doing good until I reached the body and then forgot all about taking pictures.

I also got the chance to work on Donna's Fantasy Lace on Sunday after I finished the baby Groot. I've moved onto the cable stitching within the border.

I also stitched a little on Tree of Hope, but I'll leave that for the next WIPocalypse post.

Friday, January 23, 2015

SAL Dentelles Part 3

Part 3 of SAL Dentelles is much smaller this time to give stitchers time to catch up.

Close up
As of part 3 I've already started on the second skein I bought. I went back to Colour Complements and bought what she had left over (which was 3 skeins). So if anyone was thinking of buying this thread too, sorry there's no more ^_^ She does have another lovely pink and many other colors as well.

Now that I finally have time to stitch on something else before the next part is out, I can't. A friend made a request for an Amigurumi and I'd like to get it done right away. I'm hoping to get the bulk of the parts done before the next installment of SAL Dentelles comes out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January TUSAL

It's the first TUSAL of the year and I'm off to a great start. I have a lot of creme thread, most of it from my Hardanger piece and the SAL Dentelles. Lots of green and brown as well from Tree of Hope.

Monday, January 19, 2015

SAL Dentelles Part 2

I'm sad to say I think I bit more than I can chew. I haven't really worked on anything other than the SAL Dentelles, trying to finish part 2 in time for part 3.

It does look very pretty. I stitched the backstitch of the lace using DMC #12 perle cotton in Ecru after seeing mrsmilkybarkid's version of it on Instagram. You can see every one's version of this pattern at Brodeuse Bressane's website.

I think I'm going to have to order more of the thread from Color Complements. I've almost used up one of the skeins I bought and I think there are 7 more parts to go. I think I'll order three more just to be safe.

I've already received part 3 and it is much smaller than the first two. I'll try to finish it up quickly so that I can get some time to work on other WIPs.

Monday, January 12, 2015

SAL Dentelles Part 1

There hasn't been much activity on any of my projects as I've been busy stitching the first part of SAL Dentelles in time to get the second part. Here is my version of it:

The thread I'm using is from Color Complements (click on the link for the exact thread I'm using). I had a hard time picking the fabric. What I ended up doing is stitching it on Wichelt Jobelan Lambswool 32ct. It's the same fabric I used for Flower Patch and has been my favorite since buying my first piece back in 2010. It looks great with anything and stitching on it is fantastic.

I can't wait to see what everyone else picked :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

WIPocalypse 2015 – January

With encouragement from Jan I decided to join WIPocalypse this year. So here is my first post with the topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year.

My name is Dima and I've been cross stitching for about 8 years. I just did the count and I can't believe it's been that long. For some reason I thought it was less, but that might be because I didn't really get into stitching until I created this blog 3 years ago and started interacting with other stitchers.

I've already introduced my projects in a different post, but here they are again with updated pictures.

Ink Circles - Bramble and the Rose
Mirabilia - Tree of Hope
Teresa Wentzler - Tracery Dragons
Satin Stitches - Donna's Fantasy Lace
Gingerbread Girl - Gelati al Cioccolato
Karen Dudzinski - Pulled Thread Miniature Ornate Carpet

I'm also working on the Dentelles SAL, but I won't post pictures of that until the first part is done.
These are the only projects I will be working on for now. I think my goal for WIPocalypse this year is to try and finish Bramble and the Rose. But...I'm not counting on it happening this year lol with all the other projects that are holding my attention. So I'll at least try to finish one page ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goals

At the begining of last year, I made goals and I tried to stick to them as much as possible:
  • Papillon Creations - Flower Patch - current 
  • Tereza Wentzler - Peacock Tapestry - current 
  • Ink Circles - Bramble and the Rose - current 
  • Susan Portra - Spirit of the Southwest 
  • Heaven and Earth Designs - Stolen in Her Sleep (Selina Fenech) 
  • Kangaroo Amigurumi
  • Smalls SAL - quit after 3 months
  • Mamen's Tapete caramelos (my first Hardanger) - started and finished
  • Took 5 Creative Festival classes, finished 2/5
All in all, I did pretty good in 2014 and I'm hoping that 2015 will be another great year. Here's what I'm planning to work on.
  • MrsMilkybarKid's mirabilia SAL (start January 1st 2015). I will be stitching Tree of Hope
    • instagram: #crossstitch, #flosstube, #ytmirasal2015
Tree of Hope
  • Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragon (Sceal Teach is holding a TW SAL that I might join)
Tracery Dragons
  • Donna's Fantasy Lace
Donna's Fantasy Lace
My goal is to put in a few stitches in those 3 on January 1st. I'm also participating in SAL Dentelles by Brodeuse Bressane which starts January 2nd (I'm still trying to decide on fabric and thread). I'm also doing Stitch from Stash 2015-A and want to also sign up for 2015 WIPocalypse (it looks like a lot of fun from what I've seen on other blogs).

I'm especially excited about the Stitch from Stash. I'm thinking if I am VERY good, I will use the money that I don't spend on finally getting a Chatelaine kit. Every year, I lurk around looking at the different kits and dither about whether I should buy or not. But the cost is so high, that I'd really have to be sure I will be able to finish stitching whatever pattern I pick.

I also want to work on finishing up the other Creative Festival classes I took, since I'm planning on taking more in 2015. I don't want to end up with too many class WIPs.

Update 2015/01/05: I won't be participating in Stitch from Stash 2015-A. It seems that in my eagerness to participate I forgot to actually sign up. I confused it with WIPocalypse, for which I did sign up. I'm going to still keep track of my purchases (I really want that Chatelaine kit) and will try to sign up for the second part of it.