Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Small Progress

I think I might have overdone it in the past few weeks working on Stargazer, I've been getting neck pains. So last week I decided to slow down a little and didn't cross stitch anything. I decided to use that time to catch up on my reading.

I worked on it a bit on the weekend and it looks like I did a lot but I really didn't. I think filling in the gaps gives the illusion that a lot of stitching had been done.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October TUSAL

I'm trying something new for this TUSAL. I'm going to fill the vase I got from Michaels at the beginning of the TUSAL and when I have to start the next round I'll empty it into the jar. This way I'll be better able to see how much work I've done.

It looks like I've done a lot of work but don't be fooled. A lot of the thread at the bottom were frogged from when I mixed up DMC 931 with 930.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dessins Isadarena

I've been following a cross-stitcher from France named Isabelle and I always love her blog because its so pretty and feminine. She is actually the reason why I have Chatelaine designs on my wishlist. After seeing her progress and how beautiful they come out I just had to add them.

Isabelle also designs very beautiful patterns based on old french "broderie au filet". I ended up buying 3 of them and she gave me an extra one as a gift (Patins d'Argent). My favorite is Le Cerisier. I can just see it as a cushion.

Merci Isabelle pour vos merveilleux dessins! Je vais avoir beaucoup de plaisir a les brode

Le Cerisier
Tendre Amitie
La Serenade
Patins D'Argent
I also worked on Stargazer all of last week. Here's an update picture:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

We had Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend so I took advantage of the long weekend to work on Stargazer. I made a lot of progress.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Castle in the Air Part 10

Two updates in one day :) After looking at my logs, this is the shortest one so far. Only 5.25 hours!

An overview of what it looks like now.

Now the next two parts (11 & 12) are repeats of parts 8 and 9 but inverted. Not very inspiring but if I want to get to the good stuff I have to get through these.

Post DMC 930 & 931

After last week-end's disaster I never ended up posting an update on Stargazer.

Last Friday (not the one that just passed, but the one before that) after realizing my mistake, I stayed up late removing all the stitches. I refused to go sleep knowing that the mistake was there and I wanted to start with a clean slate the next day.

So here's what the area looks like after the clean up. Not too bad and whatever you can see will get covered up eventually.

Saturday I redid all I had originally undone, this time in the right color. It actually went faster because you could clearly see a hole where the stitch is supposed to go, so I had less counting to do :P The picture below is my progress up till last Thursday.

I will go back to working on it once I'm done with Castle in the Air part 10, which is almost done :)