Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

I had a very productive weekend due to the fact that my dad and brother decided to spend Father's day Weekend at home in front of the TV to watch FIFA. The women on the other hand decided to go out.

On Saturday while my sister and mom went to the museum and shopping, I spent my morning stitching and later on at this amazing cafe a co-worker introduced me to: Le Céramic Café-Studio.

It was awesome to be able to just sit and do something crafty and not have to worry about the materials (or the clean up). The way it works is that you show up, pick a ceramic piece to paint and they provide all the materials. Once you're done you give it to them to bake and you come back to pick it up in a week. There is also a cafe attached to it and they have a menu of sandwiches and drinks. I'll post pictures up once I get my piece back.

Back to stitching. I've now finished all the stitches with the #8 Perle Cotton and have started stitching with the #12.

I did a few eyelets but I'm not sure if I'm doing them correctly. Should the hole in the centers be bigger? Should I be pulling more on the thread? They don't look as pretty as in the Hardanger book I got. I think more research is required before I continue.

Close up
I also got the chance to stitch on Spirit of the Southwest on Sunday. I'm still stitching Tent stitches, should be done sometime this week if I don't get too busy on my Hardanger piece.

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