Thursday, July 24, 2014


I guess getting passed the Panache thread got me really excited to work on Spirit of the Southwest again. But I think this blunder is going to bring it down a notch. It's not a bad thing, it just means I'll be more careful and not jump in too quickly.

I started working on the first Octagon which is A, but since C is the same design but mirrored I decided to do them at the same time. Also to note I'm working with the design upside down to be able to reach the top Octagons more comfortably, which makes stitching a little confusing (I have to flip the charts upside down to match).

I'm now on the third step which is the Hungarian Criss Cross stitch. I got the thread out and sat down to plan out how I'm going to stitch this. I couldn't figure out from the instructions what directions I was supposed to be working in. So I googled it and found this nice diagram, but I was still not sure how the colors should come out since the thread is over-dyed. So after more googling, I found some pictures of what that Octagon should look like. Now in my defense I couldn't find any close up pictures of this design in my colorway but I thought I saw enough to understand what I should do and started.

One hour later after finishing one strand, I realize that not only did I use the WRONG thread, but that the diagram I found is the REVERSED Hungarian Criss Cross stitch. I have some ripping to do tonight.

Right thread is the top one


  1. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I like your projects too and have added you to my Feedly list.=)