Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SAL Dentelles Part 6

Nothing much to say on this update.

I do have to admit one thing: I bought more stash (tsk, tsk). Virtual Stitches (the EAC chapter I belong to) was having a stash sale where members put up things for sale that they didn't want anymore. I wasn't going to buy, honest! But I saw an Estense Embroidery kit that I just had to have. I already own the book and I figure this is a good way to start this type of embroidery.


  1. Beautiful! I stitched up part 6 today too, not many more parts to go now! As for stash, who can blame you........ :).

  2. Nice progress. We always need new stash.


  3. Part 6 looks lovely Dima! Well, what can I say? I was also unable to resist the stash sale! lol

  4. Beautiful progess! I love those king of sales!