Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIPocalypse 2015 – March

This month's topic: If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list? I like this question. I think the first order of business would be to sign up as a JEC student and start Phase I of learning Japanese Embroidery. Ambitious I know, but I've always admired the technique and one day I WILL learn it :)

As far as projects, maybe finally buy a Chatelaine kit and find out what the fuss is all about lol. Every year I have a debate with myself on whether I should buy one and then never end up doing so. Or a Thea Gouverneur kit, Istanbul would be my pick. Although I really wish I could just buy the pattern (not really interested in buying a kit when I have all the DMC thread right at home). Then again if I could, it wouldn't be on this list ;)

There are also plenty of other kits for different types of embroidery (crewel, gold work,...) that I would love to get to try out.

So onto this month's update. Again, there are projects that weren't touched at all. Like Bramble and the Rose hasn't been touched and I don't think I plan on working on it next month either.

No Update
Ink Cirlces - The Bramble and the Rose

I finished stitching all the DMC thread for the tree in Tree of Hope. I've started stitching the Caron Waterlilies, which are AMAZING as you all know. One thing is that I find it much more tiring to work with than regular cotton. I don't like seeing linear streaks of color, so there is more thinking involved when stitching with the dyed thread.

Mirabilia - Tree of Hope

Dragon Tracery is in the same boat as Bramble and the Rose. I think it will have to wait until I either finish Tree of Hope or get bored with it. Which doesn't seem likely at this point.

No Update
Teresa Wentzler - Tracery Dragons

Donna's Fantasy Lace is my movie night project, so it's been getting a lot of stitching time. Although it doesn't look like much since I've been stitching nothing but cable stitches for a month. I'm at the last row now, so I'll be able to move on to a different section very soon.

Satin Stitches - Donna's Fantasy Lace

SAL Dentelles I think got the most work done. I currently have 8 parts stitched. I honestly could have finished it in time for WIPocalypse (part 9 came out Monday), but I didn't really feel like working on it. It will get done in the next few days.

Brodeuse Bressane - SAL Dentelles

Here is what I worked on instead. All my fan filling stitches are done. I'm hoping to have this done for the next WIPocalypse post. No guarantee it will be finished as an ornament though.

Gingerbread Girl - Gelati al Cioccolato

No work done on the Miniature Carpet. Maybe after Gelati al Cioccolato is done?

No Update
Karen Dudzinski - Pulled Thread Miniature Ornate Carpet


  1. Such lovely projects and nice progress on them.


  2. You made awesome progress on tree of hope!

  3. You have so many lovely projects! Wonderful progress on Tree of Hope!!

  4. I love these! Especially Bramble and Tree of Hope!

  5. Beautiful work Dima! Don't you just hate it when certain designs are only available as kits and not chart only!?

  6. beautiful work!

  7. Dima - lovely to see your progress on all these beautiful pieces! I really admire your stitching so much and you get so much done!

  8. I love your projects and really enjoy watching your progress.

  9. Lovely projects all. I agree about the over dyed threads. My 'fix' is to blend them. To my eye it makes the changes more subtle and natural plus I don't have to finish one x at a time but can do a string of half stitches.

  10. Great progress, tree of life colors and charts are lovely and hardanger work great too. xxx