Monday, August 31, 2015

Eidelweiss Part 5 - Finished!

Yup! It's finished. The last section was the leaf at the bottom of the design. It starts with removing every fourth thread both vertically and horizontally.

This one was easier as the pattern actually tells you where to remove the first thread. Once all the threads are removed, the area is filled with a wing filling stitch.

The stitch is actually very pretty, but you can't really see it with the bad lighting.

For the first time, I decided to try my hand at washing my finish. Since this is a white on white design, I didn't have to worry about the color running, so it was a good project to try it out on.

Here it is all clean and ironed out. I must admit, washing the piece really helped getting all the hoop marks out. So I think I will be less hesitant in the future about washing my finishes.

My sister is the one who always takes pictures of my finishes. The one below she took with the piece against the window. By the way, this isn't a black and white picture. It just looks like that. I admit it was a very good idea, as you can see all the drawn and pulled thread work that went into it.

And as always, the back of the piece.

I was aiming to finish this piece before the next issue of Inspirations magazine came out and I did! I finished Eidelweiss the same day I got the issue.

It was very hard to leave it closed until I finished. Issue #87 has a few projects I would love to stitch, I've already earmarked one of them as my next small project. But it will have to wait as I've already filled Eidelweiss' spot. I hate winter, but sometime I wish it would come sooner so I'd have more stitching time.


  1. I find that washing sometimes helps to "set" the stitches a little more, too. Worth doing, with due care!

  2. Congrats on the beautiful finish.


  3. Congrats Dima it's beautiful!!!!!

  4. Beautiful finish! I like your sister's photo against the windowsill, you can really see the detail.

  5. gorgeous gorgeous work ♥♥♥

  6. Amazing! I bow down to you oh master of stitching!

  7. Beautiful work. I love this design and it is just perfect.