Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Creative Festival 2015 Day 2

The second day started a little bit later in the day so I got the chance to sleep in. It is Katherine Drummond's (aka Gingerbread Girl Designs) second class. This year I was happy to see she was teaching casalguidi embroidery. I was curious about it from last year when I saw this needle book at her booth, but at the time there was no pattern for it.

So luckily this year, we get the chance to try it with Katherine's delicious cupcakes. As always there are multiple colors offered, but again I went for pink. I just really liked the shades of green with the pink.

First we stitched the outline and then got the chance to embroidery some leaves. The casalguidi style uses a lot of needle weaving and 3-dimensional embroidery.

While working on this piece, I realized my stitching kit is missing some essentials: a ruler and sewing pins.

The technique starts with anchoring a pin some distance away from where you want to have your stitch and the thread is wrapped over it.

Then the thread is woven back and forth over the entire length of the thread.

Once the weaving is completed...

The woven band is wrapped around itself, making sure to anchor it to the fabric at intervals, until a rose bud is formed.

I didn't get passed that as this technique is best done when you have lots of time and quiet. All in all it was quite fun to see how those roses are made.

Last year in the cupcake class, we got the chance to start working on the base of the cupcake. We didn't do that this year as there was more to cover, but while we were stitching Katherine worked on finishing a cupcake and giving us tips.

 She also brought in more of her casalguidi embroidered cupcakes for us to see.


  1. That's an intriguing technique. I have ideas already burbling in my head - thank you!

  2. This is gorgeous, your stitching is lovely. Thanks for the clear pics.