Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nice Little Update

I did say I would post a small update on Bramble and the Rose but it seems like the days have passed by really fast.


I didn't make a whole lot of progress, but pretty good compared to last year. As I mentioned before, the goal this year is to at least finish stitching one page. For now, I'll be happy if I reach the corner :)

For January 1st, I didn't do any new starts. Instead, I decided to work on the beading for Tree of Hope.

So far I've finished beading the tree and the bird.

I haven't done much stitching over the holidays, spending most of it reading. It's funny, I was really looking forward to having some free time to stitch and I did so little of it.


  1. Sometimes that happens. But sitting reading is another pleasure that ordinary life tries to squeeze out...

  2. OOHHHH and AAHHHHH, it's already a pretty piece, but with the beads it is really going to be gorgeous!

  3. Progress on B&R looks good and the beads on Tree are really adding that extra pizzazz. Well done! Reading counts as important me time, so enjoy.

  4. Gorgeous stitching. The beads on Tree of Hope look fantastic.

  5. Bramble and rose is a beautiful piece but quite a bit of work I believe. I look forward to watching this piece grow!