Thursday, March 10, 2016

EAC Name Tag

I've been working on this name tag for a long while. I think I started back in December. As a guild member, I am always supposed to wear a name tag at meetings and such. So I was given a packet with guidelines and a scrap of Aida and needle. I obviously ditched the Aida for some evenweave linen.

I didn't want to spend too much time on this project, so I decided to use an existing pattern by the Victorian Sampler for a name tag. I converted all the specialty threads for DMC and I decided I wanted to do drawn threads instead of specialty stitches at the top of the design.

That was me "saving" time. Now here is me over-complicating a name tag. I decided since I belong to two guilds it wouldn't be fair if both weren't represented. I decided I wanted to stitch the EAC logo at the center, with the logos of my two guilds on either side with the year I joined. This piece would go on the back of my name tag.

I kept with the purple theme and I decided to backstitch the maple leaf and then whip stitch it. I then padded the letters with stem stitch in #8 DMC perle cotton. This was then covered with a satin stitched using 1 strand of white DMC thread. This part took a while since it requires good eye sight and I tried to only work on it when I was feeling rested.

For the needle and thimble, I back stitched using Kreinik #4 in some silver I had left over. The logos on either side were backstitched. The Lakeshore guild provided me with a pattern of the logo, but Virtual Threads doesn't have one. A member is working on creating a pattern for Seminar 2018 which will be hosted by the guild, but I obviously didn't want to wait. So I improvised.

Since I decided to do drawn thread, I needed to cover the open space. I bought some satin fabric in this really nice silver blue/grey/green (no idea what color it is really but it matches one of the threads I used).

I used the same technique I learned in Kathryn Drummond's classes to attach the fabric to the back of my work using #8 DMC perl cotton.

Now that the stitching was finally done, I trimmed the excess fabric and started whip stitching them together. I placed a piece of cardboard I had that I cut to size. It's actually from Le centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal business card, which is very apropos as they also offer embroidery classes :)

I could have done a better job whip stitching, the sides are not very even, but I'm glad it's finally done. I'm now ready for Seminar :)

What I learned from this project: Satin stitched Monograms are not for me. It is very hard on the eyes and not relaxing which is not the point of this hobby. I'm glad I tried it all the same.


  1. Beautiful work! You really don't like to make life simple for yourself LOL.
    Will this be worn on a lanyard or chain? Just wondering how people will see the back?

  2. Awesome name tag. Just wanted to mention that your picture videos are really hard to watch and really see anything.


    1. Thanks for letting me know Linda. I will keep it in mind for next time. I usually use them when I have too many progress pictures to post.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is inclined to over-complicate a perfectly simple project!

  4. Wow! Your badge is so pretty....well done.

  5. Very nice--love the drawn thread work. Ups the ante in the making of name tags for sure. LOL.

  6. Beautiful name tag Dima and I think I'm with you on the monograms - beautiful as a finish but not so much fun during the "journey" lol!

  7. The tag really is wonderful - hope you feel it was worth all that work.

  8. beautiful little piece of embroidery, love the colours and pretty stitching.