Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Four-Sided Stitch: Check!

Yesterday I put in the last four sided stitch on Fandago :) I was in too much of a hurry to take pictures to wait for sunlight, so the pictures aren't that great.

There are two rows of four-sided stitches that go all around the border. I didn't want to have to go around twice, so I stitched them both at the same time. Boy, was I glad when both rows met up with the starting point.

There are also four four-sided stitches on each corner of the small squares. Here is what the small squares will actually look like once they've all been stitched up.

 Another look at a section with more four-sided stitches.

Now that that's done, the next step is to go around the entire border again this time with the Italian hem stitch. This will be the fourth layer and will involving drawing thread.


  1. Wonderful progress. That is one technique that I will never do. Looks scary.


  2. This is very elegant. Very nice!

  3. It's so beautiful. I can appreciate the relief when the ends met properly.

  4. It's growing nicely, and it's always so encouraging when a border meets up at the corner!

  5. It's such a great feeling when the borders meet up. Especially after all those four sided stitches.