Monday, October 24, 2016

No more Bullions!

Last week was a very slow week for me. I was back to avoiding working on Fandango as I was all bullioned out. And I didn't feel it was right to work on anything else because really I should have been stitching on Fandango. I can't really blame it on the bullions, I have a really hard time with repetition. Once I've done something I don't really want to repeat it again. In this case I had three flowers left to embroider.

This weekend I was determined to finish them. I'm so close to the finish I can taste it. It took me all day Sunday, but I got them all done. No more bullions!

Now technically, I should still have had some bullions to stitch. On the smaller flowers to be exact. However, due to an unfortunate misread of the pattern there was no space for them :P Instead, I decided to stitch a single bead at the center. I really love how they've come out.

From afar you really can't see a difference between this post and my last one lol but it's there.

  • Needlelace fans for the two small squares on the right (there is a possibility of having to redo one of the left ones because I'm picky)
  • (big breath) Bullions ALL around the border and within the piece
  • Palestrina knot swirls (there are 16)
  • Buttonhole edge to finish off the hem


  1. Hooray, you did it! Extra kudos because you obviously didn't want to. It's such a beautiful piece - you just have to keep going.

  2. It's almost done!!! Love those pretty beads.

  3. This is so pretty! I think the beads are a good choice.

  4. Well done. Sometimes that last push over the line is really, really hard, isn't it!

  5. What a gorgeous piece and almost finished!!

  6. This is a beautiful piece of embroidery. The beads look good, really pretty work.

  7. Well done! Did you ever hear the Roy Castle song Dedication? You should listen to it and dedicate it to yourself!