Friday, November 18, 2016

A New Stitching Tool

So as you know I've been stitching more and more on WIPs that require two hands. They're small and the fabric needs to be really stretched. So I've been using a hoop and c-clamp.

Unfortunately, this isn't the most ideal setup. It is a pain in the neck, literally! I find myself bending really close to the hoop, hurting my neck and back.

One night I went to my stitching meeting and saw one of the ladies take out a stitching frame. I remembered seeing them at Nicolet back in June and a light bulb went on. It's the perfect solution for my problem. So I quickly called the man who made them last week. He is an artisan out of Shawinigan, Quebec named Pierre Dupont. M. Dupont was really quick. As soon as he received my check he shipped it out. Tuesday night when I got home it was waiting for me.

The frame is made of wood and has 11 pieces: base, 2 arms that can be moved, 2 clamps that can be adjusted with wing nuts and 4 wooden knobs.

The base has grooves in it allowing the arms to slide back and fourth depending on the size of your frame. Below I've attached an 8" inch q-snap to it.

The clamps can be used in two ways. The one on the left allows for thicker frames like the q-snaps. For things like hoops you just remove the wing nut, flip the top wooden piece and put back the wing nut.
Below is an 8" hoop. You can see that I've pushed the arms at their maximum and I've removed one clamp. Now although I do use the 8" hoop for one project, my current project Hana uses a 10" hoop and it would be better if I could use both clamps for better support.

The solution? Simply unscrew the knobs at the base of the arms and switch them around. Now there is more space for the hoop.

I haven't measured the minimum and maximum size allowance for this frame, since I would only be using it for hoops or small frames. For anything bigger I would be using my Hearthside lap stand. So for now I think I'm all set for all types of projects. I can't wait to start my weekend :)


  1. That looks like a versatile system. I have to have the fabric three inches from my eyes which is one reason why I stitch in hand! I'd need a very tall stand, or a low chair!

  2. What a great gadget! And how nice that you were able to get it so quickly.

  3. Great solution to your problem and it looks very versatile. Now we're going to expect to see you just whipping out those finishes!

  4. That looks like a really well-designed piece of equipment. I look forward to a report on the performance!

  5. This looks interesting. I always work with a hoop but never the stand as I always seem to get into an awkward position when using it.