Monday, October 16, 2017

Craftsy Goldwork Class - Part 2

Last week I started working on the filaments for my goldwork flower. This is done with more couching, but we're introducing another type of goldwork metal thread called passing. Two pairs of Japanese threads are couched around, followed by one pair of passing. This is repeated in a way that we would have two rows of passing and three rows of Japanese thread.

At the beginning, I decided to work both sides at the same time. I quickly found out that this wasn't that great of an idea. The filaments are so close to each other that my couching thread kept getting caught on it.

Another thing I noticed, I was quickly running out of space and I still had three rows left to couch.

I kept going anyways, but it did make it hard to ensure that that last row of metal thread abutted the previous row neatly.

I proceeded to do all the plunging before continuing onto the next filament. It took me two evenings to do one leg. I wasn't feeling up to doing this portion.

Luckily I felt more energized Saturday. I finished plunging the other leg and couching the other filament. The right leg is much neater than the left. I don't know if you can see in the picture, the Japanese thread unraveled a bit where it was plunged. But who's looking that closely anyways :P

By the time I finished plunging all the threads, I realized that I was getting much better at it. I found that it works better if I can get the entire thread thru in one yank. I'm kind of worried about the filament on the right, that last row is a little too close to the design line that's inside it.

Here's a look at my little slugs. At the beginning, I was couching a pair at a time. That got old very fast and I started doing two pairs at a time to speed things up. Now my only worry is: when this is framed will I have bumps?

Tonight, I will be doing more couching. I want to get those fringes right above the petals finished. It's just a simple line of couched passing.

Once that's done, I think I will put it aside to work on Hedebo Enchantment. I need to make some progress on that woven border.


  1. When you come to frame it, put some padding behind the whole thing. The background fabric will look the better for it, and the padding will absorb any potential bumps!

  2. Your work is beautiful. I know nothing about goldwork and am learning as you stitch. I have a question which I'm sure would be answered if I bought the books, but maybe you can quickly answer----why do you plunge after the threads are couched? I thought it might be easier to bring the thread to be couched up from behind. Thanks.

  3. I love seeing the process on this one. Just seeing the finished project, I would have now idea how you got there!

  4. I’ve done gold work before and it’s not easy. Your work (as always) is exquisite.

  5. Love the design and it is beautifully neat!

  6. This gold work doesn´t look easy, a real challenge. Beautiful progress.

  7. it looks amazing! Even though I've done some goldwork, it still scares me!