Thursday, March 1, 2018

The White Rabbit

I've been very absent this past week as not a lot of stitching has been done. This year I have two amigurumis to create for friends who are expecting their first child. I thought I would have plenty of time since the first baby will not be born until May, but it was decided that we would be presenting them with the gift card on Tuesday.

Luckily I had already started working on my rabbit, but I was still missing a few pieces so those had to be quickly made. I only finished the last piece on Sunday and then it took me the entire day to put it together.

I will admit that I took too long to finish it because I was avoiding finishing the eyes. Since this rabbit's owner will be very young, plastic eyes are a huge no-no. We don't want the chance that the eyes will come off and have the baby swallow it. So they have to be embroidered and eyes were always the hardest for me even back when I used to draw.

In the end I persevered, but by then the day was over. It's okay though, the smile on my friend's face when he saw it was well worth the time I spent on making it :) By the way, I found an excellent tutorial on how to tie the perfect bow. I will have to save it for the future.

If you're interested in the pattern, it's by Lalylala and be found here. It's a modification of her existing patterns, so you will need to purchase one of them to make the head, arms and body. This is the second time I make this rabbit and it's always a great gift for baby showers. There is one more to do this year, but I've decided to try out a different Lalylala design. I will share that later in the spring.

As for embroidery, I have my Japanese embroidery group meetup this Saturday so hopefully I will have an update on that next week. No goldwork though as I will be out on Sunday. I'm hoping to have more time next week.


  1. So adorable. I watched the ribbon tutorial--wow. Have got to try this. Thanks for posting.

  2. My grandmama used to make soft toys for me, and as you say, always sewn eyes so there was no chance of eating them. This is charming and I'm sure the baby will love it!

  3. Aw, how cute is that! I have a few of Lalylala's designs on my wishlist, they are all so cute.
    I know eyes can be difficult to make...have you tried safety eyes? They are virtually impossible to remove from the outside, and usually considered child-proof.

  4. A very cute little guy! I’m sure there will be lots of cuddles in due course.