Thursday, June 28, 2018

They're Home

On Tuesday, I went to pick up my pieces from the framer. They were really fast, I wasn't expecting these till next week. In order to share my excitement, I decided to do an "unboxing" video.

(click on the post to play the video below)

I'm quite happy with the frame we picked. Reg is a genius! I've never had to tell him what I need. Just walk in, show the piece and wait for him to make his choice. His first choice is always spot on.

I can't believe it's only been a little over a year and a half since I started my first goldwork piece. I always though to wait a few years before starting to take classes. I had bought the Craftsy class but had no plans on learning it yet. However, as soon as I saw Pearl Butterfly I was hooked. It helped that my sister offered it to me as an early birthday gift.

Pearl Butterfly by Alison Cole
From there, the projects just grew larger. I moved onto completing the Craftsy class I bought.

Goldwork Flower by Lucy Barter
Between Alison Cole and Lucy Barter, I learned enough to eventually stitch this more complex piece from Mary Brown's book Goldwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects.

Japanese Landscape by Mary Brown
If you're wondering if your eyes are deceiving you, they're not. That is puckering you see. As I'd mentioned in my previous post, I tried stretching the piece myself but had a hard time getting it straight and centered. I had also noticed that the fabric was puckering within the stitched rectangle. They got the piece centered but couldn't get all the puckering out. It's not noticeable when you look at it from afar, but it is when you get close up or look at it from an angle. Good thing this piece is not being submitted for judging as it would fail miserably.

I'm wondering if my fabric was too tight on the slate frames. Because that is the only difference really between this piece and the other two. I had stitched the other two in a hoop. If anyone has any comments that will help me improve, please do send me a comment.


  1. They are lovely makes me want to try goldwork. I always work on a frame and it has been my experience if the fabric has even the slightest bit of stretch to it you have a problem. I think it is the fabric not your stitching.

  2. These are fantastic. I wouldn't worry about the puckering. The piece is so beautiful that nothing else is really visible.

    BTW, in my blog post today, I referenced your blog with a link. This is the perfect post for anyone going to your blog from my link. Yay!

  3. They look fantastic Dima! You should be pleased with how your ‘set’ has come together.
    Puckering occurs when the fabric isn’t tight enough on the slate frame, and is common in both goldwork and silk shading because of the density of stitching. Make sure you always tighten your frame before working, and depending on what you are working, sometimes during the stitching session also. Before you start you should also make sure that there is no way of stretching it any more by standing in the frame and lowering the pegs on more slot. I’m always amazed that despite me originally thinking it can’t get tighter, that in actual fact, it can. When tightening your frame you should also make sure you tighten each of the four corners, staring from the middle out of the side. Hope that helps!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous. Do you have a place picked out for displaying them?

  5. You do beautiful work. Just lovely.

  6. If it is a slightly lighter fabric, or one with a little less body, that might explain the puckering - although I can't see it, so don't worry too much!

  7. These look stunning all framed. I think the butterfly is actually my favourite but they are all beautiful.

  8. How absolutely beautiful! I have to say, the butterfly is also my favorite. Your framer is really good.

  9. They all are gorgeous, and their prettiness comes out even better with them frames so nicely! I can't believe you've only been doing this for such a short amount of time, all of these designs look super professional already.