Monday, November 26, 2018

Mr. Blue the Heron

Yes, I decided to give him a name. From now on he will be called Mr. Blue.

Last Wednesday I finished his wing and got the chance to play with silk wrapped purl. Saturday morning I woke up early itching to stitch and finished his body.

Unfortunately, I had to leave him to go brave the malls. They are packed with Christmas shoppers. But I was back to work on him as soon as I got home, putting in the last few details. His crown is made up of shiny blue leather with small strands of silver wire check. I really love the color of that leather, I must see if I can find more.

Becky added in a detail in the heron that her other creatures didn't have, she included reeds in the background. They were a lovely touch and put Mr. Heron in his habitat.

With this, the stitching is complete. All that's left is to pop him into a hoop and hang him for display. I'm waiting on some felt for that, but will share a picture once he's hanging.

I have a few other things to share this week as I was very busy. I have an update on my phase 1 Japanese embroidery piece as well as a brand new kit that I got last week and couldn't wait to start. In fact I started it immediately after finishing Mr. Blue on Saturday night.


  1. Your heron is beautiful. Love the silvery blue shine.

  2. Wonderful stitching and the silver colour is the right match.

  3. He's turned out very well indeed - a fine fellow!

  4. Oh he is gorgeous! What a lovely finish.

  5. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for Mr. Blue. His first name is Frank, as herons are known as Ole Frank in this neck of the woods!

  6. Well done Dima! He looks really lovely, you’ve done a great job of him. It sounds like you enjoyed this piece too.