Monday, September 30, 2019

Boring But Necessary

We had our monthly Japanese embroidery meeting on Saturday. I made good progress, just not something that's visually appealing. I worked on outlining the cords of the fans in preparation for our upcoming class. This is something that needs to be put in before stitching. It gives you a guide when stitching and a little bit of padding along the edge. I've got one side, completed and started the other.

I want to get these done ASAP as I will be away on another work trip right before our class. This time it will be in Winnipeg. Any readers from Winnipeg with recommendations of embroidery/fabric/bead shops?


  1. Unspectacular progress is still progress!

  2. The groundwork is so important in this style of embroidery.
    Have a nice time in Winnipeg!

  3. Groundwork is always important! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll put on top.

  4. You need a lot of patience for this type of project, but you're doing great :)