Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Goals

I did well this year considering the time I had. Might have to take a second look at those old WIPs and determine whether they should be in this list.
  • TUSAL posts same as usual but this time I will do it on the last day of the month --- DONE, it worked out well this way
  • Complete phase 1 Bouquet from the Heart of Japan (Japanese embroidery) --- DONE
  • Complete Mermaids of the Deep (cross stitch) --- DONE
  • Stitch on Hedebo Starburst by Jette Roy Finlay-Heath (Hedebo) --- DONE
  • Start and keep up with the phase 2-3 piece Hiogi Fan (Japanese embroidery) --- DONE
  • Stitch Blackwell Roundel by Jenny Adin-Christie (metal and silk work) --- DONE, but need to pick it up again.
  • Stitch Russian Domes class (goldwork) --- Not even close
  • Stitch Colour wheel by Sew by Hand (Or Nue) --- Not even close
  • Work on completing the EAC Design course (lessons 4-8) --- Not even close, I've actually given up on this to be honest.
  • Learn a new technique --- DONE, sort of. I briefly started to learn Tulle embroidery. I should get back to it.
  • Older WIPS:
    • Complete at least one page of Ink Circles' Bramble and the Rose --- Not even close, still trying to finish that page
    • Stitch the stonework on Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragons --- Above and beyond :)
    • Stitch the hemstitch border on Donna M. Olson's Fantasy Lace --- Not even close 
    • Finish Katherine Drummond's Romantic Rosebuds --- Not even close 
    • Finish Annie Penin's Fleur de Sakura --- Not even close 
This year's goals will be:
  • TUSAL posts on the last day of the month
  • Complete Hedebo Starburst by Jette Roy Finlay-Heath (Hedebo)
  • Stitch on phase 2-3 piece Hiogi Fan (Japanese embroidery)
  • Start phase 4 piece Karahana (Japanese embroidery, goldwork phase)
  • Stitch (and complete?) Blackwell Roundel by Jenny Adin-Christie (metal and silk work)
  • Start Russian Domes class (goldwork)
  • Start Midnight Meander by Hazel Blomkamp (crewel)
  • Continue learning tulle embroidery
  • Older WIPS. I'm putting these back in because they still need to be done. I'm hoping I do better this year.
    • Complete that page of Ink Circles' Bramble and the Rose I've been stuck on
    • Stitch the hemstitch border on Donna M. Olson's Fantasy Lace 
    • Finish Katherine Drummond's Romantic Rosebuds 
    • Finish Annie Penin's Fleur de Sakura 
There will be new pieces added on that will be a surprise as I haven't completely decided what I want to start on. I'll just open my stash and see what appeals to me tomorrow.

I am not planning on going to EAC seminar this year. It's hosted in Nova Scotia, which is about a 12 hour drive from where I am. So it would make a nice road trip, however I have something even bigger planned for next year. After YEARS of talking about it, my sister and I are going to be travelling to JAPAN at the end of March. This will be my birthday gift to myself this year as I will be spending it there.

It's been so hard to keep this news to myself. We bought our plane tickets back in May and have been planning for the past 8 months. We're going to be there for 17 days and many of those days already have something planned for them. We're going to go to Universal Studios Japan and Disney Japan for my sister (and me if I'm being honest) and I'm going to try and cram as much stash opportunities as I can in between sightseeing. My sister even said she would be willing to go look at embroidery with me. Which works quite nicely for me as the Kurenai-kai, the headquarter of the JEC, is hosting the 2020 World Exhibition during our visit.

I'm also starting a new Japanese embroidery phase in the spring, but I can't think about that right now. I'm too excited about going to Japan! I've started compiling a list of places we are going to try and visit but if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Especially the shops. I'm hoping to bring back some books and fabric... and silk thready and needles and...


  1. Can appreciate it when you write "not even close". I too have projects that continue to languish and need to decide to keep them or lose them.

    Japan--that's a huge wow! Looking forward to learning about your stitching stash purchases. I've learned to do Rozashi, have a book on Kogin, practiced shashiko, and do a bit of Kumihimo braiding (which idea came from one of your blogs). But the japanese embroidery you do is beyond me at this point, but I love seeing your work.

  2. Dima, what wonderful projects for this new year :)
    I wish you that everything be marvellous for you in 2020.
    With my warm thoughts,

  3. Oh my goodness, you're GOING TO JAPAN!! I am almost as excited as you are!
    I'm really looking forward to all your posts and photos. I am sure you will have a fabulous time.

  4. I think you did well on your goals and loved seeing the new ones, but oh my gosh, Japan! I hope you're going to have an awesome time. I already gave you my shopping recommendation a while ago, but please do share all the shops you find - I might go back some day!