Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Flowers are Growing

I have a little bit of progress on two of my pieces. I spent a few hours every night on Midnight Meander last week. I also redid that lattice, it looks so much better. This piece contains two DMC threads I can't stand: satin floss and light effects. The light effect thread wears out fast, especially near the eye of the needle, and the satin floss is really slippery. If we weren't in a special situation and everything is in lock down, I would look for a substitute.

In case someone else is interested, you can replace the light effects thread with DMC Diamante in the same color (the number matches). DMC Diamante is an excellent metal thread to stitch with. It doesn't fray like the light effects and it maintains it's twist. As for the satin floss, I had substituted the Anchor Marlitt with their DMC Satin equivalents, but I would go even further and substitute it for Japanese silk if I could.

For a bit of a change, I worked on Elizabeth. It paid off as I finished all the stitching for the skirt.

I've also finished stitching the little purse (pictured below) and all the pieces to make the trunk. I had started stitching them after I came back from Brampton, thinking I would leave the skirt for when I travel. Little did I know that there would be no travelling anytime soon.

The plan for this week is to start gathering all the materials needed to do the finishing for the trunk and doll. I should have most of it, just need to figure out if my piece of green dupion silk will be big enough as I bought it for just the trunk initially.


  1. Wow, you're doing a lot and glad you're doing well in this quarantine time.

  2. Looking good. There's an interesting balance, isn't there, between re-doing something until it's perfect and you hate it, and being sure that it won't niggle at you for ever after!

  3. The lattice does look much better now. It is nice to be able to try different threads and see what works for you. I'm missing my travel project too, I shall have to work it into the rotation somehow.

  4. Great progress on your stitching! You're right, the new lattice looks much better.
    Do you have any pointers on how to work with DMC Diamante? I bought a roll to try it out and find it absolutely awful - it's such an awkward size, one strand is thinner than two strands of the light effect, but two strands is much too bulky. Plus, it's awfully stiff and just refuses to lay on my fabric nicely...