Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Black versus White

Last week was rough. It has been a month since we started social isolation and being stuck at home, it's the rainy season here in Quebec so most days are cloudy (sun is out today). My mood tends to change with the weather, more energy on sunny days, less on cloudy ones. And working on a piece that is on black fabric in all grays, doesn't help. I wanted something light for a change.

Luckily, being a whitework fiend I have some choices in my stash. This kit is a Punto Antico design called Dolcetti by Gingerbread Girl. Even the name makes you think of something fun and delicious. I've been spending a lot of time stitching on it after work.

It's really hard to photograph, there is just a hint of green in the four-sided stitch, from the Caron Wildflower thread, that just doesn't come out in pictures. So far my favorite are those cute little bows with the purple center knot. I love purple!

I'm still working on Midnight Meander, I spent the day working on it yesterday. I just find myself reaching for Dolcetti more often than not at the end of the day for something a little more light and cheerful.


  1. Yes, you do need something a bit lighter for evening working, don't you!

  2. It's nice that you have two contrasting projects to work on. Especially when the weather is a little gloomy.

  3. I understand the need for something more light (if not really colourful). Those dashes of green and purple are precious, though!

  4. It’s nice to have a few different projects depending on your mood! I think we are just lucky we aren’t the ones complex being bored! I just wish I had time to stitch - work is out of control. Two lovely projects, and your purple on the whitework is really sweet.