Friday, February 12, 2021

Blackwork Colorwheel - Finish

Last time I shared pictures of the colorwheel, it was set aside waiting for more purl pearl. Well they finally arrived last week and I quickly set to finishing that last outline.

I took my time posting pictures as technically I still had spangles to add in between the petals. I really liked the piece as is and decided to set it aside for a few days to make sure that feeling stayed. It has, and now I officially call this piece done!

Jen Goodwin's Blackwork Colorwheel

I really enjoyed working on this piece. If you're looking for a taste of blackwork but fear you'll be bored with all that black, this is the piece for you. There are two forms of it: as a flower and as a bands. I preferred the flower as I couldn't resist that bit of gold.


  1. This is so beautiful, I love rainbow colours and the way they blend into each other.

  2. That has turned out beautifully - the pearl purl is just the right finishing touch!

  3. It looks wonderful! It turned out so mesmerizing. Nicely done!

  4. I looked up your starting picture to see what it was 'supposed' to look like and quite agree, it's maybe prettier as it is! Great job.