Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Blackwork Contrast Color Wheel - New Start

It's the first start of the year! Back in 2020, I stitched this Color Wheel by Jen Goodwin (you can see the posts here).

Since releasing this design, Jen worked on a second color wheel with contrasting colors but with a more complex shape pulling ideas from her studies in Islamic Geometry. It tool a long while for her to get the shape accurate on linen as she's working with straight lines versus the more forgiving curves. But it's finally here!

This design doesn't require any outlines to be transferred before starting. The kit comes with a graph chart showing exactly where each stitch should be placed. Just find the center of your fabric and start.  There are three different blackwork patterns to stitch, one for each family with the tones and shades sharing a pattern that is more layered.

The center starts with the tint color families and I'm just in love with these pastel colors. The blackwork pattern is stitched with a single strand of DMC thread. In the first circle, each color area is so small it only needs about a strand or two of threads to stitch. So I have plenty of threads left to stitch a second wheel.

Once the center is in, I can use it as a jumping point to the next color.

I'm trying to decide how I will work through this piece. The overall shape of the design is a hexagram and I could stitch one complete point at a time, or jump around the entire piece and put in the hues, tones and shades. Right now I'm in the process of stitching with the first hue color, so I still have time to make a decision.


  1. You might find that different stitch patterns also require different approaches. It will be an interesting stitch, for sure!

  2. I'm excited to see this new start as I loved the original colour wheel. It will be fun to watch this one grow too.

  3. Oooh, love the colours in the center! So the whole thing is basically just counted work? No transfer-paper sorcery? That's intriguing!