Thursday, March 2, 2023

February TUSAL


I've not been very good at keeping my blog up to date, but I did try not to be too late for the TUSAL report. I've been busy with my Japanese embroidery and bead embroidery. One has been more satisfactory than the other. I need to make time to write something on it. However, neither of those will explain all the blue in my ORT jar.

One of the things I've missed is stitching something as simple as a cross stitch design. Something that doesn't require a lot of thinking, where I'm told what colors to put where. I had picked up this mill hill kit a while back and I just loved the colors. It's called Mediterranean Mares, a design by Laurel Burch. I'm thinking once it's done I'll try my hand at finishing it as a box top.


  1. In amid all the complexity, it's good to have a rest, isn't it. In my case, I have realised that I have been missing embroidery in the hand. So I'm trying to work out what to do about that..

  2. It's nice to try something different for a change. I like the colours in the cross stitch piece. I've been doing some blackwork recently for a change of pace.

  3. It's good to have an easy project to work on even if you're tired after work! Love the colours on this one.