Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Update of 2013

I'm happy to say that Peacock Tapestry is leaving 2013 on a high note. I cannot believe the amount of progress I've made in less than 6 months.

Yesterday I finished stitching the peacock, although there is still back-stitching to do (I'll do those as I go). This part went by so fast and I really enjoyed stitching it. I'm very glad I decided to stitch him in 2 parts. It allowed me to take a break from the blending filament. So when I went back to using it, it wasn't so bad.

Here's a last look at Peacock Tapestry for 2013:

Now as for my other projects. I've been terribly neglectful. And I should feel terrible, but I don't because, one: I only have 2 other projects in pending, and two: who could feel terrible at this amazing progress :)

Here's to hoping that 2014 will be this great =D and inspire excellent stitching mojo (and bring lots of stash!).


  1. He looks incredibly gorgeous!

  2. Yea!!! (throws confetti in air) Congrats on getting the bird done. Now that you've gotten the easy part done (Ha Ha) it's off to the leaves, pears and backstitching that @#%$# tree. I do hope you have TW's pattern from patterns-on-line. That one at least has the backstitching on separate pages. I have the original kit from Just CrossStitch (Symbol of Excellence publishers) from 1995. Maybe one day I'll start it.... :-P

    1. Thanks (I think)! I actually own an old copy of the pattern by Just CrossStitch (yay eBay), but made sure to also buy the patterns-on-line one as well. I read too many complaints on the forums and wanted to be prepared ;)
      And let me tell you, I've only just started on some of those leaves and they are absolutely right. They are killers!