Monday, September 8, 2014

Baby Shower Gift

I haven't stitched on any of my WIPs for the past two weeks. My mom and I were invited to a baby shower (for the daughter of one of her friends) and I wanted to make something as a gift. It's been a while since I'd crocheted an amigurumi, so it was fun to do that again. But I forgot how nervous I get when I'm piecing it together and while waiting to see the other person's reaction when I finally give it.

I decided to make lalylala's Rita the Rabbit (which is free as long as you own one of her patterns), but didn't know if the mother was having a boy or a girl so it had to have neutral colors. My mom had already decided to get a white crocheted baby blanket (unfortunately we didn't have time to actually make it lol) and I figured light brown and white will go nicely together.

 Half-way into the making, I find out she's having a boy. So I'm doubly glad I decided on the brown.
End of last week
By Thursday night I had all the pieces done and just needed to put them together. The green safety pins are were the eyes are going to be embroidered.

Pieces ready to assemble
I did the assembly in two days to give me a break. Friday night I put the hood, head and body together. I had decided to sew the hood onto the head completely so it can't be pulled off by accident. Then on Saturday I spent the afternoon attaching the arms and ears and embroidering the eyes.

Here it is with the books I bought from Indigo to complete the gift. I especially love the "That's not my bunny" book.

The mother to be was very happy with the gift since it was really different from the other gifts she received. She had a registry, but we didn't know where it was, so we tried to pick out things that we thought any mother-to-be would like to have but wouldn't think of buying in the rush to prepare for a first child. She was very shocked to know I made the rabbit myself :)

My only disappointment is that I wasn't able to get the acrylic based marker to add a little blush to the rabbit's cheeks. I wasn't willing to do it without testing it first and there wasn't any time left. I'll do it on the next lalylala I do. Did I mention I bought 3 of her patterns: Fibi the Fox, Kira the Kangaroo and Dirk the Dragon. I had to buy one to make the rabbit and she has a 3 for 15 euros (21 CAD) on her etsy shop. I already have a request for the fox and kangaroo ;)

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