Monday, September 22, 2014

Octagon B Completed

That was fast!

I didn't stitch much during the week, but come Friday I sat down to continue work on Octagon B and nearly had a heart attack. Below the Eiffel, there was what, felt like, a whole forest of French Knots.

Eiffel Tower and forest of French Knots

These French Knots are stitched in a combination of two different threads that get darker as you go farther away. I hyped myself up and start stitching the first layer, but had to redo the left side 4 times before realizing that both sides couldn't be stitched the same with how my frame is set up. What I ended up doing is I would stitch a row on one side, then rotate the frame 90 degrees and stitch that row on the other side. This ensured I was stitching in the same direction to get the mirrored effect.

Another layer where the sides had to be perfectly mirrored is the diagonal long stitch using Threadworx thread.

Mirrored diagonal long stitch
The rest is a combination of more diagonal long stitches as well as tent stitches. The effect looks amazing and well worth the constant change of thread :)

Octagon B
Here is Spirit of the Southwest so far:


  1. Wow! love it.... I stitched on canvas just once, but it just didn't appeal. So I will be happy to just sit back and applaud your progress. :-)

    1. I feel that it's not for me either, but I wanted to try it out at least once. I have another kited canvas project. I'm not sure yet if I will stitch it. It will depend on how I feel at the end of this one.