Thursday, October 30, 2014

Creative Festival 2014 Day 2

I had my third and fourth class on the second day which was also the first day of the festival. The third class was the Silk Ribbon Sampler with Erla Wilson. I've always wanted to try this type of embroidery, but silk ribbon is not cheap, so when I saw this class listed I figured this would be the best opportunity.

The kit came with a lot of ribbon (two sheets like the one seen below) considering the low cost of the kit. They were donated by N. Jefferson LTD. who was sponsoring Erla Wilson.

I found that the class wasn't long enough for this. It was only 3 hours, but there are five types of flowers in the sampler. The same amount as Maragaret Vant Erve's sampler, but her class was 6 hours long. So you can see that I only did enough to try the stitch, but none of the squares are done. One thing to note, I wish I had my needle trolley with me or a laying tool. It's very hard to lay the ribbon just right with your finger.

Completed Sampler
Erla was also teaching a smocking class this year. I took a look at it and it's gorgeous. Maybe next year, if it's still being offered :)

My fourth class was with Kathryn Drummond again. It's another punto antico class called Cupcake Delight. Again, her kit comes with everything we need to make these adorable cupcakes (including the box and stuffing). She took time during the class to show us how to make the bottom part of the cupcake as well as how to make a cord with two thread colors. The box by the way is from Michaels

The kit comes with three different patterns that we got to choose from. The one I picked is the one you see below, but my thread color is purple.

My progress so far. By the end of the class I had all the satin stitches done ( I loooove satin stitches) and started the second whipped stitch. We had time before our flight so I stitched on it while waiting. I think this will most likely be my first finish. Now I just have to make sure i don't balk at the finishing. I'll make sure to buy the glue tonight so I don't have an excuse to stall.

Almost done
For anyone interested in the patterns Gelato al Cioccolato and Cupcake Delight, she has designs very similar to these on her website called Gelati and Delizioso.


  1. Oh you lucky, lucky gal !!! I've always dreamed of going to CATs when TW was teaching her classes. Unfortunately no passport and trip money for me. By the looks of the class projects you had a marvelous time. In fact I'm eyeing that "Etude with Strawberries" you purchased from Gitta's. I hope you start that one real soon so I can see the updates. ;-)

    1. I wish I could have met TW :( I didn't find out about this festival until 2012. I did get to meet Jennifer Aikman-Smith :)

      Isn't that kit pretty. It will look great in the kitchen or dining room. I found a link that shows the other kits Although I remember seeing one etude with apples at Gitta's that's not listed there.

  2. You did really well in all of your classes. I look forward to seeing everything finished.

    I got to see your fourth class working on them as I was in the back half of that class.