Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Stash of 2014

Since I will be on a stash diet starting tomorrow. I decided to make one last purchase this year.

I wanted to try out Colour Complements hand dyed threads and I had a SAL coming up that would be perfect for them. So I bough two skeins for the project, but then couldn't resist getting other colors. Might as well pay shipping once right ;) The four skeins on the rights are hand dyed 6 strand DMC Egyptian cotton, the fifth one is twisted silk. The owner was nice enough to add in the last two for free. Which is great because I actually wanted to try out the other threads she has in her shop. One is a hand dyed size 8 DMC perle cotton thread and the other is a rayon viscose thread.

Since I was buying something from Etsy, I figured I might as well get something else from my wishlist. I've been eyeing this Japanese Hardanger book for a while. They make the best craft books :) and even thought you can't read it, they use lots of diagrams so anyone can figure it out. You can check out this listing for more pictures. This book will have to satisfy my addiction for embroidery books for the next while. Books with patterns are listed as stash in the Stitch from Stash rules and buying one book would wipe me out for the month.


  1. Lovely new stash. Happy New Year :)

  2. Thank you SO much Dima! Am delighted to hear you are happy with them.