Monday, May 25, 2015

Crewel Stash

I meant to put this up last week, but I got busy with work. Since I took two days off to attend Hazel's class, I had a lot of catch up to do.

I went a little crazy, but when will this opportunity ever present itself again. Originally I was supposed to only have 3 new kits, but Hazel had some kits left over from the EAC Seminar so I snagged a few.

Dancing Threads is the project I picked as my take home kit. It's stitched on Dupion Silk. A fabric I've only read about and never dreamed to see in person. I'm a little worried about stitching on it, Hazel has assured me that it is a very forgiving fabric, as long as I don't pull too hard when frogging (and there will be frogging). The kit comes with the printed fabric, threads (both satin and dentelles), beads, a beading mat and a needle pack. Basically everything you need to stitch it, except for the hoop and scissors.

The First Sip was the second take home kit option. I really loved this pattern, so I bought this one as well. I didn't get the full kit, just the fabric, specialty threads, beads and the needle book. Although I shouldn't have gotten the needle book, as every kit Hazel sells comes with one. Now I have a whole bunch of them. Not necessarily a bad thing as they are good needles, but I didn't really need this one.

Midnight Meander was the first design of Hazel's I wanted to stitch. It's what really pushed me into getting her books. Especially after seeing Aktatva's version. I can't wait to stitch it. For this I only got the fabric and beads as it uses regular DMC thread, which I have.

Jacobean Tangle is one of the extra kits I bought. I had shown my mom Hazel's books and she really loved the colors in this. She wants two pillows stitched. I'm thinking that's not going to happen, but I will be happy to stitch one. This is the full kit, so it comes with everything, including the DMC threads and the ever present needle book.

The other extra kit I got is Autumn Lace. I love the textured effect of this one. Although I might like to inject some color into it. Maybe a hint of pink or blue?

Obviously since I was meeting Hazel in person, I had to get my copies of Crewel Twists and Crewel Intentions signed :)

This is not the end of this month shopping spree. I ended up buying more on Saturday :P more on that later.


  1. I agree with you - when special opportunities come for acquiring stash, grab them. You would have regretted it if you didn't. Gorgeous pattern choices.

  2. great new stash, I am looking forward to see your progress updates ♥

  3. Well I can't wait to see these in the works!

  4. Thank YOU for making sure I wasn't alone on the spending for May! but then how could you resist! Those kits are beautiful!

  5. I love them all and am so excited to see any WIPs, whatever comes first! Love dupion silk, my wedding dress was made from it - now there's an idea.......... :)!

  6. Wonderful selection of stash. Lovely kits and threads!