Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Stitching

This weekend was nicely productive. Friday, I sat down and really powered through Eidelweiss. It doesn't look exactly like the one pictured in the magazine, but that is because I'm stitching on a different count. I'm learning to let go :)

Since I did so well, I rewarded myself with some time on Tree of Hope.

I was only planning to work on it Saturday evening and then Sunday I would go back to Eidelweiss. Unfortunately, that's when my OttLite stopped working. I guess it's been almost 10,000 hours since I bought my lamp and it was time for a new bulb.

I passed by the Michaels near my office at lunch time to get a new one. Did you know those things cost $39.99!? Good thing I had a 40% off coupon. Next time, I'll just order it from Amazon (if I remember). They have them listed for $19.99.

Crossing my fingers I get uninterrupted stitching time tonight.


  1. Good luck with the uninterrupted stitching time!

  2. Looks like you got the over 1 skin done and the lady is looking wonderful. Eidelweiss looks fabulous.

  3. Edelweiss is looking great! I had no idea there was more to Tree of Hope. Shoot, it would look good by itself! Ouch on the price of the bulb. Amazon would be the way to go!

  4. Great progress on both projects!
    Fortunately you had a voucher to use to reduce the price of this lightbulb :)
    I personally use LED lights from a very famous Swedish flat packed furniture shop ;) and it does the trick for half the value.
    But yes, I would be lost without it now...

  5. Eidlewise is looking awesome and great way to reward yourself by working on something fun!!!

  6. Beautiful stitching on your Edelweiss and Tree of Hope. I have yet to get myself an OttLite. Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas :)

  7. Such a gorgeous design, just love Eidlewise.