Friday, July 31, 2015

WIPocalypse 2015 – July #2

This month's topic: What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece? (this question comes to us via Paula) It all comes down to guilt. It's the only reason Flower Patch was ever finished. That and lack of space. All my stitching stuff is stored in my room and I can't really have multiple projects on different frames in there. Also, I only have one set of frames per size, so if a project is on scroll bars, I have to finish that one before I can put in another one. Saying all that, I'm not very qualified to answer that question since the oldest any of my WIPs have gone was 2 years.

Still nothing on Bramble and the Rose.

No Update
Ink Circles - The Bramble and the Rose

I spent more time on Tree of Hope. I finished stitching the tree...

Mirabilia - Tree of Hope

And then started on the maiden on the right of the tree.

I still haven't touched Tracery Dragons.

No Update
Teresa Wentzler - Tracery Dragons

I finished the button hole border on Fantasy Lace and started stitching the eyelets, but didn't get very far.

Satin Stitches - Donna's Fantasy Lace
You can't really see it, but here are the eyelets.

Since I finished Pretty Little San Francisco I decided to start another "small" WIP. This is a schwalm piece from Inspiration magazines issue #86 called Eidelweiss.

Deborah Love - Eidelweiss


  1. All your projects are lovely but my favorite is the Tree of Hope :)

  2. Nice progress on such pretty projects.


  3. You are making progress and you have some lovely pieces.

  4. Great progress. I agree - you have lovely pieces!

  5. Guilt! Ha ha I'm exactly the same! Love all your pieces but especially the Schwalm!

  6. Love love tree of hope

  7. Love the pulled work!!!!! So elegant white on white!!!!!!

  8. Yes, guilt plays a big part in deciding what to stitch. Also the "waste not" philosophy drummed into us as children.
    You have such lovely designs on the go at the moment. Tree of Hope is beautiful as is the Rose and Bramble.

  9. Your work is lovely, all the pieces are interesting and most of all eidelweiss.