Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WIPocalypse 2015 – September

This month's topic (I'm keeping the original one as I've already answered the one picked for this month): Where do you buy most of your stitching supplies? Online. I do a lot of shopping online, I'm sad to say. I would love to help support an LNS, but there isn't one here and shipping costs what they are, I can't. Although, since becoming part of the local guild I have met a lovely lady who sells stitching supplies out of her home. So I've been buying my DMC perls and broder special threads as well as fabric from her.

Still nothing on Bramble and the Rose.

No Update
Ink Circles - The Bramble and the Rose

Tree of Hope is still off the frame and will be for quite a while unless I figure out an easy way to clamp a scroll frame onto my lap stand as it is now. I'll see.

No Update
Mirabilia - Tree of Hope

I still haven't touched Tracery Dragons.

No Update
Teresa Wentzler - Tracery Dragons

I did work a tiny bit on Fantasy Lace. I've been taking it with me to stitch in meetings with the Lakeshore Creative Stitchery Guild. Excuse the really poor lighting, but you can sort of see where I'm at. Which is not very far, I'm still stitching eyelets on the center diamonds.

Satin Stitches - Donna's Fantasy Lace

And the project that has been taking up the bulk of my time is 18th Century Sampler. This is an online class I'm taking with SJ Designs. It's very messy at the top as I was in the process of stitching one of the squares. Ending threads on this piece is a real pain, so I avoid doing it until the last moment possible :P

SJ Designs - 18th Century Sampler

I will have to try and find a balance, so that I can keep stitching on my cross stitch WIPs as well as my sampler, but that will be hard to do for next WIPocalypse as there are only 14 days left before Creative Festival :)


  1. Ending off tricky threads is a pain. I've never been sure whether I feel better for doing it in batches, or if I keep on top of it and don't have ends leering at me while they wait to be done...!

  2. Your projects are all very lovely - and intricate. I'm not good at rotations, so I understand your frustration! I'd find it hard to leave the Sampler - i but then I'm a one project at a time stitcher.

  3. Pretty projects - the sampler is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. I, too, do my supply purchasing online - no shops close - so it's order online or not stitch. Made my choice - HA!

  4. Great post and lovely stitchings on my WIP tour. xxx

  5. Ohhhhh...... that fantasy lace is looking gorgeous!!!!