Friday, November 6, 2015

18th Century Sampler - Satin Stitch Borders, Blocks #12, 17

The end is very near for this project. Yesterday I was able to complete the last two blocks in the sampler.

I quite like the look of block 12. There's not so much pulling. It's more like opening up the centers with an awl and maintaining an even tension. Much more relaxing.

Block #12
It goes back to pulling for block 17, but this time I did it with a little less enthusiasm. Which means my square didn't come out as skewed as block 1. Which reminds me, I still have to fix that. I received excellent recommendations on the class's Facebook page. I'll put up a post once I've tried it out.

Block #17
And full view of my version of SJ Designs 18th Century Sampler. All that's left are three horizontal borders and the outer border that surrounds the piece. I actually bought beads with my kit but still haven't used them. I'll have to figure out where to put in the bling or if it even needs it.


  1. Well, the 17th and 18th Century didn't go in for minimalism. They'd definitely have put the bling in!
    Although I must admit, it looks lovely and calm at the moment...

  2. This is so beautiful! Looking forward to its completion.