Friday, November 6, 2015

Feeling Lucky

I've been pretty lucky this past few months. I won another giveaway on Melanie's blog. This one was very sneaky, if you didn't read the post you would never have known. As the prize, she offered to send me some fabric from her stash. Now Melanie has an AMAZING fabric stash full of colors and sparkles. She asked me for my color preferences and favorite fabric count. I ended up leaving it up to her to decide but mentioned that I lean towards neutrals with my fabrics. Why did I mention that? Because I didn't want her to send me this fabulous piece and then never use it, thus depriving someone else the pleasure.

I am quite happy with her choice. Melanie sent me two lovely pieces of 32 count fabric in a color called French Lace. And it's perfect because I know exactly what I want to stitch on them:

This is Ajisai Press's new collection called Romantic Winter Blooms. Wouldn't the fabrics be perfect for the two framed designs? As soon as I forget how much money I spent at the Creative Festival I'm going to get them.


  1. Wonderful - plenty to look forward to!

  2. They should go together perfectly.

  3. Congratulations on your win! Those designs are perfect for that fabric.

  4. Congratulations DD!! I am sure that in your hands, this gift will be a beautiful job! Great chosen, a lovely model.
    By the way, "As soon as I forget.." I'll adopt this idea LOL!

  5. Congrats on the win. always handy to have neutrals, 28 and 32 ct my favorites.