Monday, May 16, 2016

Gone Fishing!

By the time this gets published I will be on my way to the first part of my vacation. I will be taking the train to Toronto, meeting my roommate half-way there.

I've packed my stitching and am ready for the 6 hour train ride. I'm packing both my class kit (just in case) and a WIP to spend the time.

I've decided to take the two bluebirds I'd stitched to work on the blackwork part (I might be optimistic on how much I will be able to stitch). I've already started a tiny part of Azure Tit and Blueberries.

So for the next two weeks there will be no new posts, except for WIPocalypse which I've already written and scheduled. If you want to follow my experience on my trip to seminar and Paris, I will be posting images when I can on Instagram at the link below.