Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sfilati Fantasia with Fiore Fonda

I briefly showed this project here, but now I've attended both classes and I can share more pictures :)

This class was offered by the Lakeshore Creative Stitchery Guild and was a two day class thought by an "outside teacher" Fiore Fonda.

In the first class we started with a single tear drop and learned one drawn thread pattern. We left with homework: Stitch all the buttonholes on the tear drops before the next class. And so I stitched...

... and stitched...

...until all those tear drops were done. Very tedious, but by the end of it, my blanket stitches have never looked better =D Including the curved parts, which are really hard to stitch nicely. I even finished the filling for the first drop before our class and started on the outline of the flower.

The second part of the class, we went over different drawn thread fillings. The fillings themselves are not much different from regular drawn thread or Schwalm. The stitches and the way they are combined together are slightly different but the basics are the same. I learned some new tips for cutting and removing thread. Select the center most thread and cut it. Remove it from the back and cut it as close to possible to the edges from the back. If it says to cut 5 and leave 4, do it once vertically and then do it again horizontally, i.e. don't do all the verticals first or vice versa. This creates a cross-road and makes counting easier, preventing mistakes.

We spent a lot of the class time cutting fabric thread, which cut into our stitching time (I'm thinking maybe this should have been part of our homework, but the fabric does become fragile once you cut into it). So except for two tear drops, they are all partially started. Once I get back from my trip, this is going to become my stitching-outside-in-the-sun project, so hopefully, I'll get those tear drops finished and I can share what they look like by end of summer :)

Another thing we did a lot of is talk (of course), I have more books to look out for which I will share here:

  • Pulled Thread Embroidery by Moyra McNeill
  • Mastering the Art of Pulled Thread Embroidery by Ilse Altherr
P.S. 4 days left before I leave for Seminar and then PARIS =D


  1. Dima, it's so much fun reading your posts. It's just like attending your drawn thread classes for free. :) You show such beautiful step-by-step progress.

  2. Looking good. It's always tricky to make a teaching project lovely as well as educational, and this looks lovely!

  3. You are truly a talented artist.

  4. That is a beautiful project! Enjoy your seminar and THE TRIP! I loved Paris when I was there.

  5. This is so beautiful. I love that each petal is different too. You could stitch six more with different combinations!
    Have a wonderful time in Paris.