Friday, June 17, 2016

French Needle Paris 2016 - Day 5 part 1

Friday, May 27 was another sunny day. We went back to Lesage for the second part of our class. The last time we were there, my ribbon embroidery piece looked like this:

By the end of the class, we had all the bigger flowers finished. There are still a little work left to do, including a little beading.

I really should take it out and finish it. I think five ladies of the group have already finished theirs. We've all promised to finish it :) Mine is still in it's packaging.

Afterwards it was lunch at a lovely restaurant decorated in the art nouveau style, La Fermette Marbeuf.

Once lunch has been eaten (the crème brûlée was yummy!), we went to the Louvre Museum. Sort of. Did you know that the Louvre had a Museum of Decoratifs Arts? They currently have an exhibit called Fashion Forward showcasing three centuries of fashion. I have even more pictures than this, so if anyone is interested I can share a link :)

Update 2016/07/18: Our teacher Annie Penin posted an article on the fashion forward exhibit here and here.


  1. I wondered whether you would go to La Fermette Marbeuf! It's my favourite restaurant in Paris and I took my matron of honour there as my "Thank you" after my wedding!

  2. Oh, oh, look at those fabulous fabrics and styles! You would have lost me for the rest of the trip right there.