Thursday, June 23, 2016

Marly Round Box

I did mention in my Sajou stash post that I'd already opened up my Marly kit. What I should have said really was that it was finished. Not only is the stitching completed, I've also finished it and glued it to the tin can that came with it.

The designed is inspired by the Marly motif from a fabric printed by the Oberkampf royal manufactory, which is now the Toile de Jouy museum. The kit came with more than enough thread to stitch a flower and diamond. I think I could probably stitch a second one with the thread that was leftover if I had more of the dark blue thread.

The instructions said to center and lay the cardboard disc on the back of the stitched piece and then cut around it. Once that's done, the fabric is cut perpendicularly all around the circle and then the edges are glued. I didn't particularly want to do that. The result comes out really flat. Instead I used the finishing method I learned from Katherine Drummond, lacing the back. But first I added a little stuffing just to give it a little oomph.

As I had mentioned in my previous post on this, the Sajou Retors du Nord thread was lovely to stitch with. I really wish we'd had the chance to try it while at the shop, I think many of us would have bought some. However, be warned! I notice on their website that the thread is not colorfast. Sajou, to be more environmentally friendly, decided not to use the highly polluting treatments that it would require to make their thread colorfast. The thread can be washed in water with a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius, just not boiling water or bleach. But then again, don't we all use cold water to wash our pieces?


  1. It's delightful - and I agree, the padding gives it more oomph!

  2. What a lovely little project! The addition of the padding did add that extra little touch.

  3. This is a beautiful little project, I love the padded finish too.

  4. Beautiful design and finish.