Monday, February 20, 2017

Finishing Homework

My main goal on the weekend was to make sure lesson 2 of Pearl Butterfly was finished. I had two wings left to stitch and by mid-week I managed to get one of them finished. I got home Friday eager to get the last one done, but things just weren't working out.

The stitches looked really off to me, I put it aside and decided to sleep on it. Saturday morning I still hated it and unpicked it all and left it alone for that day as well.

I had posted a picture on Instagram and got lots of advice on how to proceed (I love Instagram!). This meant that by Sunday I had a game plan. The advice that kept coming back was make guidelines in the stitching area. This helps you stay on track and get the right angles to your stitches. The next advice I got was Trish Burr's long and short stitch tutorials. These are great step by step videos showing you how to stitch all the different layers.

This wing definitely took longer than all the others. I stitched on it on and off all morning until I got it done. When it was finished, my sister looked at it and told me it looked better than all the other wings o.O

Lesson 3 coming out this Thursday!