Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Stash from Reflets de Soie

In honor of Aiguille en Fête, Reflets de Soie was having a 20% special on their website. I really didn't need more stash so close to seminar but I couldn't resist. By the way, their shipping offer is really good. Free international shipping for orders over 35 euros and the delivery is really fast. I placed my order on February 3 and received it on February 10.

I got two carpet pattern and a third pattern I've had my eye on. This third pattern is about the same size as Bramble and the Rose and would make a great accompaniment to it. When I finally get the chance to finish it :P

I decided to kit only one of the carpets just to make sure it's something that I will want to get into. We're talking stitching on 40 count silk gauze with one thread over one. The highest count I've ever stitched one over one is 32 count, so this will be a challenge piece for me.

The carpet I decided to start with is Kaiseri (the left most pattern in the picture above). I love the geometry of the second pattern, but the colors in Kaiseri just pop at you. Reflets de soie has two thread kits for this carpet: Au vers a soie's soie surfine thread or Sajou's Retors du Nord cotton thread. Although the Sajou's cotton is really nice, I decided to go with the silks. I love the shine of silk carpets, don't you? I can't wait to get started on this kit.

I wanted to make sure I had the right needles to stitch on this, so I also got a needle pack. Everything is so prettily packaged.

What's this?

Reflets de soie had included a little extra something in my package :) I love getting surprises like this. That needle minder is just perfect.

I really, really want to start this kit :| But I know I can't! I have to keep up with Pearl Butterfly, finish a baby gift for next week (so far I have a head, torso and one arm). I also have a cross stitch project I need to finish in time for my trip to Washington in April, not to mention my seminar kit should be coming in in about a month and I will be busy with that. I also don't have the right frame for it (as if that ever stopped me).

Side note: Another package came in the mail yesterday. This time books!

If anyone is interested, let me know which book you'd like me to show you and I'll write a post about it.

  • Beginner's Guide to Mountmellick Embroidery 
  • Schwalm Whitework: The Exquisite Regional Embroidery of Germany
  • Kumi Himo: The Essence of Japanese Braiding
  • Portuguese Whitework: Bullion Embroidery from Guimaraes
  • Goldwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects


  1. Happy Stitching - you've a wonderful selection there!

  2. When I stitch on 40 count, I put a piece of black fabric on my lap to help see the holes. I look forward to seeing your carpet.

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of stitching on the go and interesting books to read. My attention is drawn most to the Schwalm whitework which is so lovely.

  4. Oh my what wonderful stash acquisitions! I love those silken carpets.