Monday, March 5, 2018

Japanese Embroidery Progress

After our meeting in January, I was so close to finishing that I decided to put in some more time on the iris to finish the last two petals before we had our next meeting.

Our next meeting was scheduled for February. We decided, for those of us stitching on Phase 1, to make each meet up be about a specific portion of the piece. That way we can prepare ahead of time and if we have questions or need help/feedback we can get it at the next meeting. The next meeting was supposed to be all about chrysanthemums.

Unfortunately, winter got in the way and the meeting was cancelled. We ended up rescheduling to the first weekend of March. Nancy had mentioned that my orange chrysanthemum is not stitched in the right order and might have to be redone. She suggested leaving it for now, starting a new one and then comparing the results. I decided to start the purple flower. I'm glad she mentioned it because now I understand how to correctly stitch the petals.

My pinks didn't fare that well thought. Seems we misunderstood the instructions for this flower so it all had to come out. We had all done our stitches meeting at the same line at the center. The stitches should have been more like long and longer. This link can give you a good idea of what it should look like.

A lot of my wrapping paper had to come out as well. We had stopped our stitches where the cords would be on the wrapping paper. The foundation layer should actually be put in over the entire piece, covering the cord area. Later on the cords are stitched over it. I kept all my threads hoping I can salvage them.

I'm not sad I had to undo some of the areas, it just means I've had some practice and I will do it better next time :) Our next stitching meeting is at the end of April but I will not be able to attend as I will be travelling. The theme of the next meeting will be the wrapping paper so I will miss the discussion, but I still have the homework to do for it. It just means I'll have more time to work on it.

  • Outline the wrapping paper area using couching thread
  • End the brown thread that's sticking out and finish the foundation layer over the entire wrapping paper
  • Start the first layer that goes on top of the foundation layer


  1. Plenty of interesting things to do there! And yes, sometimes re-doing isn't such a bad thing, even if occasionally frustrating..

  2. It sounds like it’s is a real process is learning. I know it is supposed to be a very particular Embroidery style, so perhaps that is the case! I am well accustomed to pulling out stitching. It is usually worth while!

  3. What a wonderful idea to hook up with a few others to work on your piece! That's what I really miss in my little corner of the world... Regarding re-using used threads? Hmm, I would chuck them out. They are never that nice to stitch with the second time round. Took me years to not feel sorry for them :).

  4. How wonderful to hook up with a few like-minded people to work on your embroidery pieces! That's what I really miss in my little corner of the world.. Re-using threads? Hmm, I would chuck them out. They are never that nice the second time around. It took me years not to feel sorry for them :).

  5. The results are going to be spectacular from what I can already see.

  6. I admire your patience with getting it just right! I'd probably be to frustrated to pull everything out again, but also not able to continue knowing things are wrong so the whole thing would just end up in a drawer somewhere...yeah, your way of doing things is definitely better!

  7. I love the way the light catches on the threads laying in different directions.
    This sounds like a very exacting embroidery skill but I am sure it is worth it for the end result.