Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Weekend Progress

We had our monthly Japanese embroidery meeting. We spent it going over the flax leaf effect on the wrapping paper. I didn't get far and it all has to come out as the shape isn't exactly right, but still I got the idea. I'm going to give it another go this weekend.

Bouquet from the Heart of Japan - JEC
We also talked about the next phase. Our aim is to finish phase 1 before March-April when we plan on bringing in a teacher to start the next phase. I decided to do a combined phase 2-3 piece that way I'll only have to pay for one kit. I've already picked my piece out. This time we'll have homework to do before the teacher comes so I'll have to work hard on finishing my bouquet before March. It's either that or buying a second frame.

Hiogi - JEC
Sunday I spent it working on my other Japanese embroidery project. I'm at the halfway point. I think I need one or two more sessions to get all the flowers done. After this, I'll have to put in some scattered seed beads in the background which would take another session or two. 

Hanabatake - Margaret Lee
I started this piece at the end of December 2017. I'm aiming to complete the embroidery and finishing before the end of December of this year. I have a few things starting in October so I hope I don't get too distracted.


  1. All this planning - it's wonderful to have so much to look forward to!

  2. Oh, that wrapping paper is going to be so pretty! I couldn't really visualize how it would work out, adding layer upon layer, but it's coming along so nicely. It's hard to imagine this is only phase 1, there is so much going on already! Your next project is gorgeous as well, I'm looking forward to seeing you work on it. And the beads are progressing very nicely as well!

  3. Beautiful work. I particularly like Hanabatake, the colours are so pretty,

  4. Lots of wonderful projects to work on. I really like the design of your next Japanese piece. I’ll be interested to see you stitch it up!