Monday, March 25, 2019

On Cloud Nine

Sunday morning is my usual Japanese embroidery day at home. I bit the bullet and started on those cords. I'd been dreading them for so long, but it went surprisingly well. Since the section I started working on was harder (it's a full loop with lots of adjustments for the angle), I decided to try and stitch the cords on the left side.

It went so well, I decided to try that loop again. It's not 100% perfect, but to me it looks fabulous. I only wish the cords on the wrapping paper were better. But I'm going to let that go.

Crossing my fingers I'll have a full uninterrupted day next Sunday to work on it and I will (hopefully) have the cords all finished. The end is near!


  1. It was probably a good idea to let them lie, maybe think about them occasionally. I'm so glad you're pleased!

  2. They look wonderful to me. You are doing a great job on this piece.

  3. Those cords look fabulous indeed! Not much more to go now.