Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I See Traces of Dragon

Tracery Dragons is still holding my attention. I'm almost done stitching the bottom half. Originally I planned on only stitching the stone and leaves but since I need to move my q-snaps, I figured I might as well finish it all before moving onto the top. You can't really tell from the picture but there is a little sparkle in the dragon. The colors are just so pretty against that dark fabric.

The left side of Hedebo Starburst is ready for stitching. I ended up powering through it while watching Disney movies. I'm loving Disney+.

I've started another piece, but it will be a while before I share anything here. If you're curious on what it is, check out my Instagram stories


  1. I'm always impressed with anyone who can stitch and watch films at the same time!

  2. Great progress on both! I'm guessing the Tracery Dragons will see a lot of backstitching before they are done?
    Well done getting Starburst ready, too. Sometimes it's best to just get the boring stuff over with!

  3. The Dragons are such a gorgeous design. I remember following someone else stitching it on a blog and it was so much fun to see it growing.
    I can't watch a film without stitching!