Thursday, June 18, 2020

Midnight Meander - Flower 2 & Fruit

The last time I shared an update on Midnight Meander, I had completed the second flower.

The third element in the piece is a fruit. Not sure what type, it looks like a mixture of grape and pomegranate. I played around with the stitching order on this element, as I like to finish the foundation before putting in beaded outlines. I really love using my beading koma for this.

After stitching the two flowers, there wasn't any new technique in the fruit. It re-uses stitching techniques from the other two so this one went pretty fast. The outer "petals" took a little more thinking to make sure the satin stitches followed the curve nicely.

I did make one more change. The little crescent shape at the bottom of the fruit is stitched with bullions. Since I don't particularly like bullions and there were none any where else in this piece, I decided to replace it with buttonhole stitch and filled the gap with satin stitch. This is the same technique that was used in the first flower, so I didn't feel like I was changing the design too much.

At this point the piece is well on it's way to completion. All that's left are the leaves and stems, which means lots of beading in my future.


  1. It's coming together well. Is this the point at which it all rushes together and you're finished before you know, or are there some slow, meditative techniques ahead?

  2. This is looking absolutely beautiful. I love the way the light catches on the satin stitches.