Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 Goals

I did okay this year, could have done better considering I was home all the time. I did make great progress on one of the older WIPs.

  • TUSAL posts on the last day of the month --- DONE
  • Complete Hedebo Starburst by Jette Roy Finlay-Heath (Hedebo) --- DONE, but still need to finish the edges
  • Stitch on phase 2-3 piece Hiogi Fan (Japanese embroidery) --- DONE
  • Start phase 4 piece Karahana (Japanese embroidery, goldwork phase) --- Not even close, class was cancelled due to COVID
  • Stitch (and complete?) Blackwell Roundel by Jenny Adin-Christie (metal and silk work) --- Not even close
  • Stitch Russian Domes class (goldwork) --- Not even close
  • Start Midnight Meander by Hazel Blomkamp (crewel) --- DONE an completed :)
  • Continue learning tulle embroidery --- Not even close, I can't blame lack of time :P
  • Older WIPS:
    • Complete at least one page of Ink Circles' Bramble and the Rose --- Above and beyond :)
    • Stitch the hemstitch border on Donna M. Olson's Fantasy Lace --- Not even close 
    • Finish Katherine Drummond's Romantic Rosebuds --- Not even close 
    • Finish Annie Penin's Fleur de Sakura --- Not even close 
This year's goals will be:
  • TUSAL posts on the last day of the month
  • Finish the Colorwheel by Jen Goodwin (blackwork)
  • Finish Tracery Dragons by Teresa Wentzler
  • Stitch and hopefully finish phase 2-3 piece Hiogi Fan (Japanese embroidery)
  • Start phase 4 piece Karahana (Japanese embroidery, goldwork phase)
  • Start phase 2 piece Flow Folio (Japanese bead embroidery)
  • Start Goldwork Compass by Cynthia Jackson (goldwork)
  • Stitch (and complete?) Blackwell Roundel by Jenny Adin-Christie (metal and silk work)
  • Stitch on Dolcetti by Katherine Drummond
  • Finish Elizabeth: A Sampler Doll Pincushion Maiden and Trunk by Giulia Punti Antichi
  • Learn a new technique - Korean traditional embroidery
  • Older WIPS. I'm putting these back in because they still need to be done. I'm hoping I do better this year.
    • Complete Hedebo Starburst by Jette Roy Finlay-Heath (Hedebo)
    • Stitch the hemstitch border on Donna M. Olson's Fantasy Lace 
    • Finish Katherine Drummond's Romantic Rosebuds 
    • Finish Annie Penin's Fleur de Sakura 
I have many new pieces starting in January-February, most of them are classes. Just to highlight, I have two goldwork classes, a bead embroidery class and one on traditional Korean embroidery (very excited to share this with you). Those will be prioritized over new starts and current WIPs. I will definitely be starting some new kits as I'll be too busy with the coming new starts. 

There are no travel plans this year. I don't plan on travelling anywhere until all my family members get vaccinated and even then I plan on waiting until at least 2023 just to be safe. On the plus side, the EAC seminar may go virtual. If it does, I will take some time off in May to attend.


  1. Dima, I love how you keep track of your plans for the year. It truly gives a visual reminder of how much you accomplish. Congrats on a great stitch year in 2020 and looking forward to watching your adventures in 2021.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you do this year!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of goals and I'm looking forward to seeing each one of them get completed!

  4. Great goals for the year! I'm looking forward to learning about Korean Embroidery from you.
    Do you have a vaccine schedule? MIL got her first one this weekend, I'm due to get mine by the end of March at the current rates but it's all estimates until you get the text!