Thursday, January 21, 2021

Mariner's Compass - Week Two

 For week two on the compass, we worked on the compass points and enclosed the area.

I got to try a new material: looped wire. This one was actually hand made by our teacher Cynthia and is meant to be couched in place. She shared her process with us during our weekly zoom chats, so we would be able to make our own in future. A great asset to add to my skill set.

The compass points are surrounded by a circle of couched lizarine. Did you know there are two types: lizarine and lizardine? They're both used the same way, but I think the lizarine is finer than the lizardine. I guess I'll have to get my hands on some to really make a comparison.

I've gained a companion on my journey. I needed something to hold my hoop still, but still be able to quickly adjust and rotate my hoop. This puffin weight came in handy. He was a gift from the 2017 EAC seminar in Newfoundland, hand made by the members of the hosting guild.

Now I'm ready for lesson three. I looked at the lesson plan and it's going to involve lots of couching. Good thing I just got lots of practice.


  1. Love the studio companion! You will be able to discuss all the new materials while he holds your hoop!

  2. That looped wire is very interesting. Is there a special tool to get the loops even or is it all done by eye?

  3. Great progress - I love your little puffin friend!